Wednesday, March 10, 2010


My Co-worker just put me on an artist named Esperanza Spalding. The lyrics to her song entitled Precious, "You always wanted
Something more from my body And said you needed Something more from my loving But all you got was me And that's all that I can be I'm sorry if it let you down But I'm not gonna sit around and waste My precious divine energy Trying to explain and being ashamed of things You think are wrong with me" are the truth! Her voice is not only tantalizing but an infusion of jazz, Caribbean, and Spanish (she actually sings in English, Portuguese and Spanish). By the age of five, Spalding taught herself to play the violin and before she began high school she learned to play the oboe and clarinet. It was at high school where she discovered her love for the bass. Spalding has released two albums, Junjo (2006) and Esperanza (2008). To read more about Esperanza Spalding, go to the link below.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Against all Odds: Black & Woman

Archaeologists have discovered that wealthy black Africans lived in Roman Britain in one of the country’s earliest examples of multiculturalism.

Scientific research techniques have established that a lavish grave containing a woman’s skeleton, an ivory bangle, perfume bottle, mirror and jewellery, belonged to a North African member of York’s high society in the 4th century.

Scientific analysis of isotopes from the teeth revealed that water she drank during her childhood had contained minerals likely to have been found in North Africa. Skull measurements have also established that the “Ivory Bangle Lady” was black or of mixed race.

Analysis of Roman grave reveals that York was a multicultural society - Times Online